Women will discover their true worth.

What encouraged me to start this ministry, was first and foremost my love for God and wanting to fulfill His purpose for me. Secondly,  it is my love for broken souls and my desire to see them restored. I emphasize the word "restored", because we can physically move past a thing, with our hearts  still shattered in a million pieces.

I’ve lived the better part of my life silently suffering from past hurts and disappointments while moving from one dysfunctional relationship to the next, in the hopes that they would make me happy and whole.

Ministering to women has been a vital passion of mines as I have walked through tumultuous seasons and suffered loss over the course of my life.  I too was on the brink of completely checking out mentally, had it not been for the grace of God that stepped in and saved me.  Healing may not happen overnight.  Instead, it may be an exquisite process where God peels away layer by layer of hurt and disappointment.  But as you heal, something profound will began to take place. You will become an integral part of the good news described in John 21:25 as your story spills into the pages of eternity, describing the power of Jesus to mend a broken heart.  

Jackie Webb
Founder of Know Your Worth

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